Kids at Heart is committed to supporting the community that supports us.

Whether it is donating to our neighborhood schools and non-profits, or working with international groups to improve lives globally, we firmly believe it is our duty and privilege to give back. 

During the Holiday Season, we work closely with two amazing non-profit groups: Friends of Seasonal and Service Workers, and Listos Para Aprender. The former is the recipient of our Giving Tree - the generous donations of our community ensure that under-served children of agricultural workers have a happy and healthy Holiday. The latter is a division of Morrison Child and Family Services, focusing on home-visitation and school-preparedness for families who have children younger than three or are pregnant whose primary language is Spanish or an indigenous language from Central or South America. Our holiday gift-wrapping charge goes 100% to Listos Para Aprender, and this past season we were able to donate over $800.

To learn more about these organizations visit: Friends of Seasonal and Service Workers and Listos Para Aprender.

In addition to our Holiday giving, we donate products and/or gift certificates all year long to dozens of schools and organizations in our community. If you are seeking donations for your auction or event, please email:

Magdalena Angela Andres - age 11


Hernesto Ramon Andres, (left) - age 2

Kids at Heart Toys is a dedicated supporter of Adopt-a-Village Guatemala. Besides supporting their efforts through donations, the owner of Kids at Heart is committed to raising awareness about children in our global culture. In several trips to South America, she has donated toys from the store.

We also sponsor specific children for a more personal relationship with this cause. Currently, Magdalena and Hernesto, pictured at right, are our sponsored children. They live in San Juan Las Palmas with their parents and five other children. They benefit greatly from the health and education programs Adopt-a-Village has established in their village.

Sponsorship aids in a variety of projects. In 2016, the Adopt-a-Village Middle School opened its doors - providing Magdalena and other Mayan girls a rare chance to sidestep the common pubescent marriage, childbearing and lifetime of domestic servitude in this region of Guatemala.

Most recently, we have received this update:

As we embark upon a new year, we want you to know how much your support of Hernesto and Magdalena Angela is appreciated.  Your sponsorship donations provide children with school supplies, books, health programs, and other important village projects that improve their lives. 
Hernesto and Magdalena Angela directly benefit from such programs.  For instance, the sustainable gardening program in San Juan las Palmas has been a vital factor in providing improved nutrition for all village children.  Mothers have now completed two years of training in planting, harvesting, and seed-saving with the aid of our Adopt-a-Village agricultural technician. The two village seedling greenhouses that we constructed in this village have brought long-term sustainability to the program.
We are happy to attach a photos of Hernesto and Magdalena Angela I look forward to sharing news with you during the year as we move forward with our programs that serve to make better lives for the village children and their friends.

We are so pleased to be able to share this update with you, and thank you for giving us this ability to support deserving children!