Sweeten Your Winter with Portland’s Best Hot Chocolate

The holidays may be past, but hot chocolate season is still in full-swing! A perfect grownup-kid date is in your future with a cup of warm and sweet cocoa to warm you through this frigid weather! Check out our favorite spots for the perfect cup!



Hot Chocolate-tastic Around Town

Alma Chocolate: “Kiddie cocoa” is made with milk chocolate for younger tastes, and for you? A sophisticated 68 percent melted chocolate with warm milk poured over the top. (Or, get milk chocolate. We won’t judge!) Try one of their cups of drinking chocolate for a more intense sip.

Cacao: Whether you’re looking for a small “everyday hot chocolate” (65% dark chocolate and a little bit of cocoa powder) or something that will knock your socks off (a flight of drinking chocolates with spicy, dark, and cinnamon), Cacao is the spot in Portland for a fancy chocolate-drinking experience. There’s a reason why the drinking chocolates are separate from hot chocolates on the menu the former is more like a melted bar of the best chocolate you’ve ever had.

Cup & Bar: It’s a coffee shop. It’s a chocolate factory. You know that when these two get together, there must be some fantastic hot chocolate. There’s also a DIY drinking chocolate setup, with a demitasse of drinking chocolate with small pieces of chocolate served on the side, so you can stir more in to your exact taste. That’s luxury, and a unique Portland experience for any visitors. Make it an excursion by signing up for a tour of the onsite chocolate factory (ages 8 & up). For $10, you’ll get an hourlong tour and a cup of drinking chocolate at the end.

Pip’s Original: Everyone loves Pip’s for the piping-hot bite-sized doughnuts made to order, and the house-made chais with inventive flavors. But while you’re in there getting your Nutella and sea salt doughnuts, grab a hot chocolate. Kids’ hot chocolate was just $1.25 last we checked, with mini marshmallows to boot.


On Hawthorne



Jam on Hawthorne: Headed out for breakfast? Jam uses local milk with their hot chocolate, and it comes with a hearty serving of whipped cream. Be ready for a wait for a table, especially on weekends.

Maple Parlor: Dairy-free is no problem here. Try a steamy hot chocolate made with luxurious coconut milk. You might not be able to leave without sampling some of the cold and creamy frozen soft serve treats.

Oui Presse: A sweet and friendly coffee shop/bakery/magazine store has plenty of reading material for sale for curious grownups. Grab a piece of fresh-baked coffee cake to share. Or, for a Continental breakfast that’ll please the whole family, order a baguette with butter and jam. There’s also Wi-Fi just in case you need to get a few emails answered.

Tabor Bread: Tabor Bread takes pride in their baking craft, and that pride extends to the drink menu — they make their own chocolate ganache base for delicious hot chocolates. Plus, you can feel good about ordering a pastry, because they use lots of tasty and nutritious whole grains. The open wood-fired bread oven gives the shop an extra cozy factor.

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