Summertime Outdoor Fun

Summer’s coming up, and in Portland, that means it’s time to head outside. Kids at Heart has a great selection of outdoor toys, and we can’t wait to show you all the fun ways your family can explore the world outside your door.

Here are are a few of our favorite places for Portland families to explore al fresco:

Hike with Honey Bees at Leach Botanical Garden

On Wednesday mornings, Portland parents of toddlers and preschoolers have a cool opportunity to get up close and personal with nature without leaving town or missing snack time. Honey Bee Hikes at Leach Botanical Gardens will take kids ages 2-5, accompanied by an adult, through the garden to visit with their fuzzy striped friends and other wildlife. Dress for the weather, and bring $3 for each explorer. Kids who don’t walk yet are free.

Splash with Ramona at Grant Park

Ramona Quimby fans, read up on your favorite adventures. Ramona, Beezus, Ribsy, and Henry Huggins. You’ll find them all here in the park, ready to splash along with you on a hot day. If the Portland weather doesn’t cooperate, or you’re ready for some dry fun, head to the playground, or bring your basketball, baseball gear, volleyball, or skateboard.

Mess with Nature at Westmoreland Park

Usually, we leave nature just as we found it. At Westmoreland Park’s new nature play area, though, you can can re-route a stream, or use pine branches to build a fort. This park made a huge splash when it opened up last summer, and for good reason. Kids clamor over the boulders and logs, creating their own games. A few shovels and other tools are available to share in the expansive sandlot. Don’t forget a change of clothes for everyone, because things are going to get wonderfully messy.

Go Fly a Kite at Peninsula Park

There’s plenty of open space at this beloved public park, between the soccer and baseball fields, and usually enough of a breeze to hold a kite aloft. No need to fret if that kite isn’t flying for you, though. There’s a playground, basketball court, splash pad, and a community center in case the weather takes a turn. Right now is a perfect time to visit, as the flowers in the historic rose garden are coming into full bloom.

Win a Gift Basket of Outdoor Toys!

Head to Kids at Heart to enter a drawing for gift baskets filled with lots of cool things your kids can play with outside, or use to explore the world around them!